If you ever sat down and took the time to actively research marijuana prison statistics then you would certainly be surprised at how people in this country have been systematically imprisoned by the corrupt political officers who are ensuring that our citizens stay enslaved in these places that they have been kept in. This is detrimental to the overall health of our society, and we must continue to look for solutions to this insane injustice that has been forced on us. If we can find some way to get around this problem then we should immediately look for that solution, but something tells me that it will be several years before we actually know what’s going on with this situation. There are many different ways of looking at this problem, but I think we must take a data driven approach so that we don’t end up regretting things later on. If we rely solely on opinions then ultimately we won’t get anywhere because there won’t be much room for movement and negotiations. If 30,000 people are arrested each year for marijuana related offenses and are being put in jail and prison then we have a critical problem on our hands that must be addressed immediately so that we can come up with something more reasonable. These numbers are staggering, and it’s almost impossible to conceive what would happen if we released all of those prisoners and made marijuana legal throughout the entire country. Everyone would almost instantly find out what types of communities can quickly be built with the right types of people leading the charge. These underground grass roots communities started forming online over the past few years as more people became disgusted with the current state of affairs regarding the criminality of marijuana. There are thousands of people in jail right now for simple possession of this harmless herbal substance, and this is a great tragedy for our society that we must seek to remedy in the upcoming future.

Another shocking thing about marijuana prison statistics is that most of the people who are locked up in jail are first time offenders. This is absolutely an outrage, and we shouldn’t be locking people up even for selling marijuana. As long as people are still getting locked up for having marijuana in their possession we can never truly be a free society. This is an outrage that we should immediately seek to destroy if we wish to lead this country into a realm of economic and social prosperity. It makes sense to put people in jail who are manufacturing and selling illicit drugs that actually cause society harm such as methamphetamines and opiates, but a harmless herb such as marijuana is hardly causing anyone any harm. We have seen veterans of the marijuana industry who have been smoking for over 60 years who haven’t had any problems with this drug, and other cultures have been using this substance in religious rituals for thousands of years. Who are we as a society to suddenly come along and interrupt the natural flow of the human relationship to plants and outlaw them in our society. It’s additionally frustrating because of the way that other substances which are ten times more harmful that marijuana are shamelessly promoted around our society without restriction. Your local pharmacy has a ton of legal drugs that are much more harmful for your body than marijuana, but those are sanctioned because big pharmaceutical companies have interests in obtaining large profits from the sale of these medications.